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Hi, I’m Daniel. At day I work as Head of Engineering for the startup Prewave in the wonderful city of Vienna - Austria. However, at night, I work on my private projects that I want to share on this page.

Mobile app development Link to heading

In 2020 I bought my first book for the Swift programming language. At that time I had no experience with iOS app development. It was the right time as Apple recently published SwiftUI as their new UI framework. I gave it a try and released two apps.

In 2023 I decided to move away from the Apple ecosystem and focused on Android development. Currently I’m working on my first Android app - SmartRSS which I plan to release later 2024.

3d printing Link to heading

Beside software development and the variety of additional - important - tasks that come with releasing and marketing mobile apps, I also love to work with my two Prusa 3d printers. I started with a Prusa Mini+ in 2021 and last year my wife extended our setup with a new Prusa MK4.